The Keys to my Success Thus far

I am one year away from 20 years out of college and in the workforce. I have had my share of successes and my share of setbacks. Overall I have achieved all of the expectations I set for myself 20 years ago. Now I focus on the goals I have set for the 20 years to come and what it will take to get there.

Reflecting back, my keys to success were pretty simple. I will outline them below.

1.      Open-mindedness: Be open to new ideas and perspectives, and able to embrace diversity and cultural differences.

2.      Resourcefulness: QUICKLY! find creative solutions to problems, even in difficult circumstances.

3.      Resilience: Bounce back from setbacks and keep moving forward despite obstacles.

4.      Emotional Intelligence: Manage your own emotions, and try to help others manage theirs as well, in a variety of situations.

5.      Flexibility: Be open to change and willing to modify your approach when needed.

6.      Good communication skills: Clearly and effectively communicate your needs and expectations, as well as listen and respond to the needs of others.

7.      Adaptive thinking: Think creatively and find innovative solutions to problems.

I will continue to build on these keys to success as I continue my journey. These are just a few steps that can you help you succeed in work and life.

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