How I Beat Procrastination – I Set Bigger Goals

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Motivation ebbs and flows and it can be hard to maintain the discipline needed to achieve your goals. Having a bigger why is necessary to drive you to have the daily discipline needed for success!

Throughout the majority of my life I have been a big procrastinator!

When I was going through school, the homework and the tests were typically pretty easy for me. Due to this, I felt that I could wait until the last minute to start assignments and still end up getting good grades. Unfortunately for me, this was all but true. When up against a deadline, I am able to have extreme focus and work through whatever task was at hand. I repeatedly delivered exceptional results.

The strategy was “Procrastinate until you can’t procrastinate any more”.

I’ve always had “what I thought” was BIG Goals. However, I hardly could ever stay motivated to work on my goals day in and day out.

Motivation is not a constant; it’s a fluctuating force. It’s easy to set commitments when inspiration strikes, but what happens when the spark dies out? This is where discipline steps in. Discipline is the steadfast ship that sails you towards your commitment, even when the winds of motivation are still.

How I Beat Procrastination – I needed a Bigger WHY

I’ve spent the last year working with an Executive Coach Shermain Melton and when we discussed procrastination and discipline he explained to me that the problem was that I didn’t have a big enough “WHY“. I didn’t understand what this meant at first, but after some time I realized that he was right.

When I started Marcus McKibben Consulting I set a big 10 year goal with a WHY that truly drives me. Now that I have a clear vision of what I’m working towards it is extremely easy to have the discipline to work hard day in and day out towards my goals. It wasn’t that I was lazy, it was that my goals sucked!

On the road to becoming who I want to be I had to first become “Disciplined Marcus“. Goal Accomplished.

Now I am “Brave Marcus“. With my experience and new found sense of discipline I can accomplish anything!


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